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PassCall - Unlimited Free Call

Developer: ip4 Networks, Inc.

PassCall helps you to get an unlimited call from your friend whenever you make a regular call. Our system automatically requests your friend to make an unlimited call to your phone. Great quality of voice is guaranteed because it uses regular telephone network. Users with limited voice minutes have good opportunity to make use of PassCall to have FREE talks with close friends and families. Both ends have to install PassCall to enjoy unlimited free talks and receiver side must have unlimited voice plan.
[PassCall Main Features]★ TIME TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE BILL - No deduction or extra cost on your minutes when you call to any PassCall users with unlimited voice plan. - Once you get connected to PassCall, It is totally FREE no matter how long you talk.
★ EASY TO USE- No need to open the app to make a call. - You can directly make a call from regular dialer or inside of the app - Our system will automatically detect and reverse the call if receiver is PassCall user with unlimited voice plan.
★ GUARANTEED STABLE CALL QUALITY - Almost all internet free calling services could not provide clear voice quality(noise, disconnection, howling) due to internet network instability.- PassCall use the same telephone network we use all the time, so call quality and stability is always guaranteed!
[How to Use]If you subscribe limited voice minute plan: 1. Invite friends with unlimited voice plans 2. If they become PassCall friends, make calls either from outside(using a default dialer) or inside of PassCall app.3. Your calls will be automatically noticed by our system which hangs up your outgoing call and call you back in real-time, so the call is connected to be free.
If you subscribe unlimited voice minute plan: 1. Invite friends with limited voice plan whom you want to share your unlimited voice minutes with. 2. After they become PassCall friends, calls from these users will be reversed automatically or manually on PassCall reverse pop-up on incoming call screen. So, your friends can enjoy FREE calls.
* For updated version of PassCall, we now offer manual call-back feature. So you can call him/her back right away from incoming call screen. (Other side wont recognize first why the call gets reversed, if either of both endshas no network connection)
[Things to Know Before Use, PassCall Tips]- You can check the free call history connected by PassCall after hung up. - For regular plan PassCall user) You will see incoming calls(reversed call) from unlimited voice plan PassCall friends on default recent call history. - Even though PassCall is not fully using internet data to have free unlimited talks, we need internet network signals only when we check whether the other side is PassCall user able to do reverse calling or not. So, if you are not connected to the internet network, you cannot make full advantage of automated PassCall. * Data consumption is almost 0 (few Kb) during checking process.
Free PassCall - You will see the PassCall pop-up with our unique ringtone before you are connected to free calls. Regular Call – You will hear regular ring tone you set up and see a normal phone call screen.
Make use of PassCall to enjoy FREE unlimited talks with your families and friends!
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